Building an Open Source, Open Protocol Commons
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Our Projects

Nos - Open Source Social Network

Nos - A Social Network for Humans, not Algorithms

Nos is more than a social network; it's a revolution in social media, empowering humans rather than algorithms. This Nostr client is designed with a commitment to safety, powerful content discovery, and building a healthy commons together. Basic safety features like mute, report, content warnings, and delete are foundational, ensuring a digital environment that mirrors the safe social circles of the real world.

Nos stands out with its unique approach to content discovery. Rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all space, it nurtures community-focused social media, allowing for more intimate and relevant interactions. The power of Nos and Nostr is in their open-source nature, encouraging transparency and community contributions. The source code is available to everyone, fostering a community of developers and users passionate about reshaping social media.

With over 580+ relay servers, 44+ Nostr libraries, and a growing base of 500K active users, Nos is not just an app but a movement. It's a collective effort to change the face of social networking, making it more inclusive, user-centric, and liberated from the constraints of traditional platforms. Nos is not only used and trusted by a growing community but also built by and for them.

Get it on TestFlight or learn more on GitHub.

Building Open Source Technology for the Commons: Our Journey

At the heart of TeamOpen is an unwavering commitment: to contribute to the world by developing tools that not only advance humankind but recalibrate the way we perceive connectivity, ownership, and community in the digital age. Our first application, the open-source Nostr app known as, is a testament to this commitment. It's more than a project; it's a step towards a future where technology is built for the common good, not private gain.

Our mission is planetary in scope but personal in its impact. We envisage a digital realm where communities thrive through self-organization and self-ownership, fostering creativity, playfulness, and above all, a robust commons. This vision extends beyond traditional views of social platforms. We're crafting tech tools for a radically better world, one that prioritizes social liberation and genuine human connections. In our digital spaces, humans are individuals with infinite potential, not commodities. We're not optimizing for engagement; we're optimizing for health, choice, and transparency.

The principles guiding our journey are as unique as our mission. We believe in sustainability and plurality, in a culture of accountability and the critical importance of autonomy. Our values reflect our deepest beliefs about what technology should represent: humanity, self-organization, self-ownership, decentralization, localism, and an unwavering commitment to agency and trust.

Central to our initiative is the concept of the "commons" — a digital space that transcends state and private ownership, belonging to everyone. It's a model of self-governance driven by open-source and open protocols, putting control and ownership in the hands of the people who use it, not distant stakeholders. Our projects, including, are a nod to this future, reflecting our belief in communal stakeholding and participatory digital spaces.

Our journey is collaborative at its core. Supported by Open Collective Europe and the Start Small, our projects thrive on communal effort and shared expertise. The coordination efforts by Rabble, whose work and vision can be explored at his personal website, are instrumental in turning our ideals into tangible digital solutions.

We're more than a team; we're a community of thinkers, innovators, and builders committed to a singular vision of a liberated, health-oriented digital future. We invite you to join us, contribute, and co-create. Because at TeamOpen, the digital space isn't just about connectivity—it's about collective ownership, shared responsibility, and the endless possibilities of the human mind.